Chalet in the Vosges with view

Summer cottage in France.

Proposals around the chalet, pictures and places of interest and events.

It’s summer and not in the mood for flying into the wide?

In other words, the chalet is the only real alternative. Also, you can spend some days in total relax and in close contact with nature. Not to mention the beautiful view from the summer cottage balcony.

Chalet with view.
Chalet with view.

The chalet is about 750 meters above sea level, a little outside of Anould in a splendid landscape, near the border of the natural parc Ballons des Vosges. Also, two bikes are available for free. A description of the interior you will find on the lower mentioned German site. But with your permission we are focusing here on the outside and the surrounding environment of the summer cottage.

The word chalet.

The word chalet derives from the French-speaking area and could originate in the old French word chasel. But also the Latin casalis and the Spanish or Latin casa appears to be similar. The German term for it is Blockhaus, or English blockhouse, within the meaning of herdsman’s hut, alpine hut, or cowherd’s cottage.

A few general remarks about a chalet.

Blockhouses are fitting always unobtrusively with the surroundings, they are not so flashy as a stone house. Furthermore, the wood here in the Vosges for centuries is a natural resource. The traditional material proves almost CO2 neutral and little polluting for new insights. The ecological construction means no unnecessary wastage of energy, during the making itself and also during the later on heating. In winter, you can significantly fast prove this effect. A stone house will retain the cold walls for a longer time. This perhaps explains the great popularity of the chalets in the mountains and that more and more summer cottages are built in this style.

The proposals.

You find our tips and recommendations under the item tips, see above. Behind every picture and the small description there will be also a new site. Just click on the picture to get the sufficient explanations behind. We regret for having the tips for Alsace Lorraine only in German.

Leisure time, holiday and walking.

There will be a lot of hiking trails in the cool shadow, as mountain trails in the sun and with view. Air and nature are pure. Two large swimming lakes, the lake Gerardmer and the lake Longemer will be in a distance of approximately 15 kilometres with all nautical facilities. The long distance hiking trail GR533 is nearby, a nature trail and a trail for physical training very close-by. Also, there will be two mountain bikes for you without any charge.

Reservation calendar.

We ask for your understanding having reservation calendar and contact address only in German. But also more your email in English, French or German is very welcome. There are further informations and pictures on the German site Vogesen-Chalet mit Aussicht am Rande des Naturparks Ballons des Vosges.

You and nature.

For sure a winning team. Spend an unforgettable holiday as it should be – casual, relaxed and according to your personal preferences. Also, you can forget your everyday routine, leave all your cares behind and simply unwind. We will assist you with our selected tips.