Visit the leisure park Fraispertuis in the Vosges

Visit the leisure park Fraispertuis City

Fraispertuis in Jeanmenil a village near Rambervillers.

The geographical location of the park.

The leisure park Fraispertuis is an adventure for the entire family.

You’ll find the leisure park Fraispertuis near the little village of Jeanmenil, which is producing pottery for the garden. Fraispertuis is situated amid the Vosges on the country road RD32 between St. Dié and Epinal near to Rambervillers.

free fall cactus leisure park fraispertuis
Free fall cactus

You can hardly miss the park due to the big and free car parks.

The leisure park Fraispertuis on a generous surface is furthermore very well attended in summer times. If you’re there at 9 o’clock, you’ll have a parking place near the park. Another advantage is not to stand in line for too long time.

If you have kids, the park has a good tip for you. Please ask for a bracelet at the entrance to write down your telephone number on it. If a child is lost you could be called and the problem is solved and a beautiful day saved.

The price-performance ratio.

The park was established in 1966 by the couple Fleurent. In relation to the charges the park offers a lot of advantages. Even the French say you can go there without breaking the bank.

swing boat in the leisure park fraispertuis
swing boat in the leisure park fraispertuis

The staff is extremely friendly and helpful, in the hope of making your stay a wonderful and pleasing day. You can dine inside the park.

For one thing, in restaurants and secondly, you can have a picnic. In sales booths ice-cream, drinks and small snacks are sold, there are some benches to sit down in the shadow.

In shops one can purchase some souvenirs with topics from the Wild West, Mexico or pirates.

The leisure park Fraispertuis is particularly family-friendly.

There is something to suit every taste and every age group. Only missing is Lucky Luke or a cowboy. There are own attractions for smaller children, as for example shows with clowns, the jumper and the pony express or perhaps the basin with bowls.

carousel leisure park fraispertuis

Certainly you do not come out dry from the Geyser city, due it’s nice to have some dry clothes to change. For the way back perhaps think of some water to drink.

Besides this, for older children there are further attractions.

The rides and attractions.

There are currently 40 attractions, for example some carousels, trips by boat, moreover a water slide and the pirate ship.

pirate ship in the leisure park fraispertuis
pirate ship

In addition, one can drive through the park with a small railway. The imitated canyon is made of real red coloured sandstone.

roller coaster in the leisure park fraispertuis
Roller coaster

The roller coaster is designed for those which like an increased level adrenalin. For a short while the world’s steepest roller coaster. It has furthermore outwardly inclined rails and roll-overs.

Apart from this, there has been one new attraction every year.

Of course there are alternatives.

The Europa park in Rust is about an hour’s drive away. For a quick approach take the tunnel, but then you have to pay a toll. There is a leisure park in Metz too, the Wallygator, but it’s slightly further away.

In the park you and your family can spend a fun-filled day in a wooded surrounding you’ll not forget.

The geographical situation.